Content creation and content marketing made simple – Easy step by step guide

When it comes to content marketing, we always hear that content is king! But how to get the best strategy possible for content creation and content marketing to help your online business thrive?

Before we get started in the strategy, let’s discuss some of the definitions we are going to discuss so everyone is in the same boat.

What is content creation?

Content creation is basically when you write an article, a blog post, record a podcast or a video for your audience. All the medias listed above are part of your content creation, and it is up to you to figure out what is the best type of media to present to your audience.

Just identifying your ideal media to produce content is not enough, so we gathered here some other point you should consider when creating content for your audience.

Content creation represented by an illustration of two girls working on a typewriter machine

1. Target Audience

Know who are you writing for and adapt your content to suit your audience and exceed their expectations so you can stand out from your competitors. It does not matter if you’re creating informative, educational or entertaining content, but understanding the need of your audience is going to help you achieve your goals much faster.

2. Purpose

Why are you writing and creating this type of content? I hope you chose a niche that you’re passionate about and want to teach or guide others to this same experiences or give advices upon your own experience.

The purpose of why you’re writing your specific content is going to help you gain the trust of your audience over time, therefore, making it easier for you to convert more sales in the future.

3. Quality

Quality is always a great subject to discuss. Does ranking higher in a search engine means higher quality? not necessarily! You should be focused on giving your audience the best user experience they’ve ever had, not only focus on getting better ranked by search engines.

Don’t get me wrong, ranking higher in the search engine is not a bad thing, in fact it is great to have a good ranking because that will drive free organic traffic to your pages, however, it should not impact on your content quality, always over deliver in quality.

4. Trends

Even knowing that your content is relevant, you need to be up to date to trends in social media and search engines so you can provide as much value you can but in the right timing.

For this part you can use Google Trends to help you on your researches of the best topic to cover on your posts.

What is content marketing?

content marketing representation by an illustration of a team working on a cellphone

In simple words, content marketing is the way you’re going to present and advertise your content to your audience, aiming for more visibility and engagement, attracting paying customers to your business.

It can be considered a long term strategy to build a good and strong relationship with your audience. Content marketing is only possible if you have a great content creation strategy producing targeted and high quality content to your audience on a constant basis.

Check out some point we listed here so you can level up your game when it comes to content marketing.

1. Target Audience

Identify and focus where your target audience consume content, so you can get your content out there maximizing your chances to reach your audience with organic traffic.

2. Engagement

This is the part where content creation is key to work along side with content marketing. To get the most out of your content, you need to make sure that the content is interesting and adequate for your target audience, so you can maximize the engagement on your posts.

3. Leads and conversions

This is the main goal of marketing, to generate leads, sales and with time build the trust with your audience and get loyal customers of your brand.

4. Boost

Working with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great deal to get free and organic traffic to generate leads and conversions, but if you have a budget left, you should boost your content with paid ads to maximize leads and conversions for your business.

If you learn how to use tracking systems and learn how to do retargeting, you’ll improve big time your chances of conversions, because it is all about the trust and how well your potential customers know you and your brand before they purchase something. Save a budget and focus on paid ads because they will bring you results.

Why content creation and content marketing?

Obviously, you can not run one without the other, but why should you have any of these strategies in place for your business?

The answer to that is simple, and it would be getting more and better leads, that will at some point work in your favor increasing your sales and consolidating your brand in the market.

Should you use it? I’ll leave that to you, but my guess is that anyone starting a business wants to increase their sales.

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