Register a Great Domain Name for Your First Website

Register Your First Domain

The process to register a domain name is really simple, you just need to choose one reputable company that provide this services, choose a name for your company, like Britzzlink for example, and the extension you want to use. The extension of a website is also called as Top-Level Domain (TLD’s), where you have the generic category like .com, .org or .gov for example. And there are also the country-specific category like .ca, .de, .au and others.

Find a Name for Your Domain

This could be challenging sometimes due to the great number of domains already registered or premium domains that costs a lot of money. My advice is to take your time to create a name that is still not registered so you can buy it for a good price, sometimes you can get deals for only $0,99 for the first year.

When creating the name, you want to make sure to create a short but catchy name. There are a few free tools in the internet that helps you generate random names you could use, however, you could still have a hard time to find the perfect balance between a good name and a not registered or not premium domain. In case you are still not comfortable with the free tools and having a hard time to come up with a good name, you could hire a freelancer in Fiverr to create a name for your business that will not cost you much money, starting probably around $5 or less.

Where to Make the Registration

There are several companies where you can make the registration, I’ll list a few options for you down below in case you don’t know any company that provides this service, and later I’ll talk about which companies I’ve used so far and how was my experiences.

You can also buy a Domain and Hosting from the Same Company

Buying domain and hosting from the same company could be a great deal, some companies even offer free domain registration for the first year and competitive prices for renovation in the following years.

Personal Experience

In total I have registered 3 domains, where 2 of them were through Godaddy, and 1 of them I registered along side with my Hosting plan with Greengeeks.

Registering with Godaddy was super easy, besides that, I got a great deal on my first domain and bought it for only $0,99 for the first year. The downside from Godaddy is that the renewals costs for the second year and on are a little bit higher than its competitors.

Registering it along side with hosting could be a great deal in case you want to have everything you need under only one website. Some hosting companies even offer a free domain name for the first year and competitive prices for the renewal.

If you ask me what is the best way to register a domain, I would tell you to keep all in one website only, so you can manage every single domain you have from the same platform. I’m curious to try Namecheap because I’ve heard good things about the company and the prices are good, so that’s probably where I’m moving my domains. If you decide to have them all in one hosting company, I would recommend Siteground, where I currently host my website and can assure you they’ll provide a great service and support.

If you want to learn more about hosting companies and how to set up hosting for your website, Click Here to read my related post.

Step by Step Guide to Register a Domain

The step by step is super simple, and I still prepared a few print screens here to guide you through this process. I decided to create this tutorial on Namecheap because that’s the company I plan to move all my domains to in the next renewal.

First you just need to go to NameCheap, and write down the name you want to register your domain under, in our case below is ExampleNameCompany.

Register a Domain Name at Namecheap -  Domain Name Search Page

Once you entered the name you want for your company, just click on the search Icon to see the availability of the domain you want.

Register a Domain Name at Namecheap - Find a Good Name and Extension

Onde you get the results, you can see under which TLD’s the name you want are available as well as the price per year as demonstrated in the image above. You can also put the TLD’s in the search bar so you can look straight to the TLD you want to buy, like demonstrated in the image below.

Extension Selection for Domain at Namecheap

After choosing the right TLD’s for your website you can simply click on the Add to Cart button next to the prices, and later click on the View Cart button.

Register a Domain Name at Namecheap - Confirmation Page

Once in the cart, you can find the Option WhoisGuard, that is basically the privacy of your data related to this domain. Note that in that option is free in this case, however, many websites can charge you an amount to have your data secure and private. This is a great reason to chose Namecheap over other companies already, and I hope to find even more advanteges when I move my domains there.

Next step is to Click in the Confirm Order button and you’ll see the following screen.

If you have already created an account you need simply to sign in and finish the purchase, otherwise you just need to create an account, enter your payment details and finish the purchase.

You’re done! Congratulations on your first domain registration! Now you need a hosting company to start creating you website. Click Here to learn more about Web Hosting.

Post Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash