5 best websites to get free images.

Creating your first website could be challenging considering all variables you need to accomplish in order to create a good looking and functional website, and part of this challenge is to find great and possibly free images.

Free images representation with an illustration of a photographer.

Is it possible to create a website and not compromising your budget with premium images?

Yes! Thanks to lots of photographers, websites and one thing called Creative Commons (CC), you can download free images from these websites I’ll mention in this post and use it in your websites, edit or modify the image, even for business purposes.

You just need to be sure if the CC license the author applied allows you to do so with his work, but some websites make it easy for you and place only images with the full royalty free licenses.

A lot of people hire a photographer or a freelancer to shoot some nice and unique photographs for your business, and if you have the money to do so, I definetely recommend that. However, if you’re just starting out and want to keep your costs as low as possible, these websites can be a great asset for you.

Where to get these free images?

There are plenty of websites to get royalty free images from, but for this post I’ll list in here the websites I use the most and consider to be the best ones in the market to get free images and create websites and posts.

Additional information on the websites I use the most

Of course there are plenty of other websites providing similar services, however, as I previously mentioned, the firts 2 are the ones I use the most, and the other 3 I have used it in the past.


For pictures I mainly use Unsplash, where they have all pictures under the royalty free license, so it’s easier to search than in websites like Shutterstock, where they have both paid and free pictures.

In Unsplash website you’re able to create a free account and separate the photographs you like the most either clicking in the like button or creating a specific collection and storing different photos into different categories you create, which could be pretty helpful when you’re choosing a photo for your website.

The picture below, shows you how to save the pictures under like or a collection you’ve created. You just simply hover over a photo of your choice and the like and collect options will show up.

Free images on Unsplash. Screenshot on how to like or collect a photo.

When you choose the photograph you want to use, you can download the file to use it the way you want. It is not necessary to provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, but come on, you’re already getting great images for free, so be kind and give something back and give credit.

To give credit for the photographer on the free images you got, there are two ways avaiable in Unsplash to display it in your website. When you download the file, like in the image below, you’ll have two options to give credit, to create an embed credit badge or to copy a line with hyperlinks to the photographer and Unsplash page.

Free images on Unsplash. Screenshot on how to give credit to a photographer.


For Illustrations, I normaly use Undraw, and they even provide you with a tool where you can choose the main color of the illustrations so it matches with your theme collors, as in image below.

Besides that you have the option of downloading the illustration as an SVG file, so you can edit the illustration the way you see fit, or download the illustration as a PNG file and use it as is. By simply clicking in the illustration you want to use, this screen will pop up and you can choose it.


Free images are really great to start a website, specially if you’re running under a low budget, but after you start making some more money you can always hire a freelaancer on Fiverr for exaple or any other network to get more personalized photographs or illustrations for your business.

Post Cover Photo by Dylan McLeod on Unsplash