How to make a logo for free

Creating a logo is really important and essential when you’re starting out a new business. It is all about creating your own brand, and the logo is going to reflect that to your customers. But if you can make a logo for free and still manage to make it look good and professioanl that is amazing, right?

Where can you create a logo?

In this post I’ll show you guys ho I personally create my logos, but keep in mind that there are a bunch of websites and freelancers that will offer other options for your logo creation.

The best resource I find helpful to make a logo for free is called Canva, and it is a super easy and user friendly platform to create not only logos, but business cards, presentations, posters, flyers, infographics, Instagram posts, and much more.

How to create a logo with Canva

To use Canva you can create a free account, or in case you want more features, you can get the Canva Pro. For this post we’ll cover only the free version, to show you guys that you can in fact create a logo for free.

After you’ve created your free account, you’ll get to your Canva Home page, where you can select the template you want to create by typing in the search icon, or selecting the type of art you want to create under the Create a Design title as the image below.

Canva Tutorial 1 - How to make a logo for free

After choosing the type of design you want to create, in our case the Logo section, you’ll then reach the editing page, where you’ll encounter with several templates to help you get started. It’s the easiest way to get started if you do not have designing skills, believe me. You can choose one that you like and make some changes on it so it looks unique but still professional logo for free. The image below show how to access the template section within the Canva website.

Canva Tutorial 2 - Choosing a template to create a logo for free

For this post we’ll create a business logo for an affiliate website that promote guitars. After choosing and selecting the template you want to start with, it will then apear in the canva white screen, as in image below, where you can edit it, add new elements, change colors and more.

Canva Tutorial 2 - Selecting a template to create a logo for free

After selecting the template, is time for the customizations. In this example we’ll look for icons of guitars or musical instruments to replace the Gorilla in the template logo.

To come up with an icon that you like, you have mainly two options, clicking on the left side bar of Canva to select one of their elements, or click on Uploads and get an element from another source.

In the Elements tab, you’ll find a great variety of designs, some of them are available in the free version, but some are available only for the Pro version and they are marked with a crown on the bottom right side.

For this example we chose a free element from Canva, as detailed in the image below. So first part is to click in the element tab, second is to look up for the icon you want to add, in this example I wrote Guitar in the search box. Third I selected the element I want and clicked at it, ant the guitar showed up in the white editing screen. The fourth point is to change the color of the icon, and in this case I’ll change all the colors of the guitar to black.

After choosing the element to replace the main Icon, is time to start making your logo more unique and change the colors and even add an extra element or simple format.

Even when creating a logo for free, you can make it look unique, so for this purpose, I’ll add another exact same icon on top, with white colors and reduce a little bit its size, so you have an outline effect, like the image below.

Canva Tutorial 5 - Making a unique Icon to create a professional logo for free.

Now that the outilne of the guitar is in place is time to play around with other elements, to make it no so simple, so I’ll include another element in the back and add some transparency to the guitar. The image below shows the result of that.

After the icon part of our logo is complete, we need now to change the brand name and the description text. To do that you can basically click on the text you want to change and simple type in the new text.

For this example our brand name will be Guitar Play and the description text will be Musical Gear and I’ll change the color of the box so it matches the Icon pattern, as demonstrated in the image below. Another option is to chage the font of the texts, but I liked this font so I’ll keep as is. The result of that is our complete logo, as image below, where it all shows how and which formats you can downolad your new logo for free.

There you go, now you know how to make your first business logo for free and still make it look unique and professional withou having much experience with design and painting skills.

What if I can’t make it look good?

Well, If you’re not confident that you can make a good looking logo for free using Canva, or still want something more specific, don’t worry. You can still find freelancers that can create logos for you for an affordable price.

Fiverr is a great website to look for freelancers, and you can find great and affordable prices and still manage to get a great quality out of it by sorting out the freelancers.

As you can see in the image above, you can find freelancers offering logos for prices starting at 5 dollars, so it is a great deal in case you don’t want to take your chances using Canva.

Post Cover Photo by Aleks Dorohovich on Unsplash