Choose the Best Web Hosting Company for your Domain

What is Web Hosting?

After getting your domain registration is time to look for a web hosting company. If you still have not registered a domain, Click Here and read our step by step tutorial.

Web hosting is basically an online service that provide you with the tools needed to publish your website in the Internet. It is in your web hosting company servers that all the data used to create your website will be stored, so choosing a proper company could make the difference when it comes to load time.

When it comes to choose a web hosting company, there are several factors that you might want to consider. From my personal experience, I’ll list down bellow a few items that were really important for me.

  • WordPress – Make sure to choose a company that is compatible with WordPress installation, because that will help you a lot to build your website, sprecially if you’re not a programmer.
  • Number of Websites Hosted – If you want to work with digital marketing or as a web designer, it is most likely that you’ll want to create multiple websites for multiple purposes, so choosing a company and plan that offers unlimited websites hosted is a great deal.
  • SSL Certificates – This type of certificate will provide you with the lock on the left side of your domain name showing to your costumers that your website is safe. Some companies offers that for free in some plans, and that is great to have.
  • E-mail Accounts – In order to look more professional, you probably will want an e-mail with your domain name. Some companies offers that for free, so that is probably another point you want to look for.
  • Loading Time – There are a lot of tests in the internet comparing web hosting companies and the loading time for websites in each one of them. Having a fast website can make a great difference in your business.

Web Hosting Companies

There are a lot of companies out there where you can host your website, however, you should definitely choose wisely because you want to have a reliable company that have the least possible amount of downtime and the fastest possible loading time. Other than that, it is always good to choose a company that provides you a great customer service, because if you get ay sort of trouble with your website they’ll be the ones who are really going to help you out. I listed down below some hosting companies you might want to check it out, and later I’ll talk about my personal experiences and which company I recommend.

Personal Experience

When I created my first website, I used Greengeeks as my web hosting company. I used their services for about 1 year and to be honest I had a really good customer service support, since it was my first time ever building a website, they really helped me in all matters that I needed. Besides that the company checked in all items I listed above as important when choosing your web hosting.

If Greengeeks was all that good, why have I changed web hosting after 1 year? Well, that is an interesting question, because I really enjoyed Greengeeks and its service, however, when I first did my personal research on web hosting I found a few companies that I would like to try, so for my second year working with digital marketing I opted to try a different company to have more experience and see how other companies perform.

You’re probably wondering, which Company have I chosen? Well, after careful consideration I decided to give it a try to Siteground, because it was one of the top companies I have found and it offered everything I needed for a reasonable price.

Creating my new website with Siteground has been a great experience so far. I thing I really enjoyed was that they do not use cPanel anymore. If you do not know what is cPanel, it is a software inside your web hosting website where you can edit several items on your server and website, but it is really outdated and not so user friendly for beginners. The software Siteground created is really good and user friendly, and I’ve been having a great experience with it. Along side with this software, the company is really reliable, loading time is really good and also offers great support.

If you’re just getting started in this website creation world, I would strongly recommend you to use Siteground, because their new software to control all data from the server is really user friendly and self explanatory. Trust me, that will make your life lot easier. If you’re ready to get started I have a great deal for you, Click Here and get up to 70% off in web hosting with Siteground.

Step by Step Guide

You’ll notice that Siteground offers 3 types of plan as demonstrated in the print screen below, and if you’re just starting out I would recommend you to go with the GrowBig plan. The main reason for that is because the StartUp plan you can only host one website, and you’ll probably want to create more than one website to maximize your gains. In addition, the GrowBig plan you can also add collaborators to your account with individual login to access the tools to build or maintain your website for you.

Note that the prices from the print screen are in Euros because I’m based in Germany, but it will display in dollars or your country currency if you’re in another location.

Web Hosting Plans with Siteground

To get started you can just choose the plan of your choice and click in the Get Plan button. After that you’ll find a screen as the one below, where you can buy a domain name if you still do not have one yet, or to use a domain you already have.

Registering a Domain with Siteground

If you decide to register a domain with Siteground, than there are no additional steps on this part, but if you already have a domain registered with another company or you prefer to buy it from another company you’ll need to point your domain to Siteground server, but I can show you here how you can do that as well.

If you decide to buy a domain with Siteground, you’ll just have to choose a domain name and the extension, like in the image below for example.

Choosing Domain Name and Extension

After choosing a domain name and extension you just need to click on proceed and you’ll get into the following screen, where you’ll have to fill up your personal information and payment details. And you’re done!

Finishing purchase for Web Hosting with Siteground

In case you have already a domain or choose to buy it from another company, you’ll have to take an additional step, to point the domain to Siteground so you can manage it from your server. First you’ll click on I already have a domain as demonstrated in the image below. After that you enter your domain name with the extension and click on the Proceed button. You’ll than reach the same page above to fill out your personal information and payment details.

Choose an already existing Domain in Web Hosting with Siteground

After completing this step, your account with Siteground will be created and you’ll be able to start creating or migrating your website. The next step is to point your domain name to Siteground, so follow the next steps in order to do that, by clicking in the Set Up Site as in the image below.

Set Up your Website screen in Siteground

You´ll then find another screen where you’ll be able to choose to start a new website or to migrate a website. Let’s suppose you have registered your domain at Godaddy and still have not a website. So click in the Start New Website button as in the image below.

Start a new website screen in Siteground

The next step will be choosing an application to build your website, and I’ll recommend you use WordPress, that is for free and very good. After choosing, it will show up a field for you to create a login and password to WordPress. Make sure to take note or put a login and password you’ll remember, because this is the credentials you’ll need always when you need to access the back end of your website.

Choose login details screen for WordPress

Once that was done, just click continue and you’ll get to this screen offering you an upsell. At this point is basically up to you, but I opted not to buy it from now and clicked in the Finish button as below.

Finish screen to add website in Siteground

You’ll then receive an e-mail from Sitegroung with all information you need to point your domain to Siteground servers, but I’ll still guide you through this process. The e-mail will contain the domain ns settings, as an example ns1.xxxx0101.siteground.xx and ns2.xxxx0101.siteground.xx that you’ll need to input in the company you have your domain registered, in this case Godaddy. So log into your account and you’ll find under the domain you’re trying to point a DNS button, like the image below.

Domain DNS details screen in Godaddy

Once you click you’ll get to a screen with the current information about where your domain is located, so you need to find the field Nameservers which will contain the current ns1 and ns2 and click in the Change button.

After you’ve clicked to change you’ll then face the screen bellow, where you’ll need to click on Enter my own nameservers (advanced), like demonstrated below.

Chance DNS settings screen in Godaddy

The following screen will provide you with two fields where you’ll than enter the ns1 and ns2 you’ve received from Siteground in your e-mail.

Enter new nameservers screen in Godaddy

After entering your ns 1 and 2 and click on save you’re finally finished. It might take a few minutes or hours depending on your location and the company that you’ve registered your domain. But after that you can already log into your Siteground backend or directly into your WordPress backend to start editing your website.

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Post Cover Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash