What Kind Of Website Should I Make For Affiliate Marketing? 2020 Easy To Follow Guide

If you’re here, you probably already know what is Affiliate Marketing, but what kind of website should I make for affiliate marketing? What is the best option to maximize my results? If you still don’t know what is Affiliate Marketing and how it works, you can Click Here and check out our blog post for more details.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Websites

There are several types of Affiliate Marketing Websites that you can create to monetize your content, and we’ll go through some of them, also providing you with some examples to make it more clear and easy to understand.

Niche Website

If you followed our previous posts, you probably saw that we have created a full tutorial on how to create an affiliate marketing niche website to promote Amazon products. If you haven’t seen it yet, Click Here and create your first website today!

The website we created is called “ATakers” that stands for Action Takers, and you can see it in the image below. We also created a subdomain for each niche, so we can rank better on the Search Engines. If you want to learn more about Subdomains and why you should have them on your website Click Here.

What Kind Of Website Should I Make For Affiliate Marketing? - ATakers website as an example of a niche website

Another great example of a niche website is “Best Roof Box“. The owner Alex has also a Youtube Channel called WP Eagle, where he shares all the expenses and earnings reports, like the video below.

Portfolio Website

A Portfolio website can be created both to display your own brand products or also to promote affiliate products. They are different styles of websites, and in this post, we’ll cover only the affiliate marketing section.

In this type of website, you can create pages showing different kinds of products and their descriptions, and if someone likes it and clicks on them, they would be redirected to the sales page in Amazon for example, or any other affiliate network.

A great example of a portfolio website working with affiliate marketing is “This Is Why I’m Broke” where they list several items that are interesting and you probably will get curious about some options they list. In the image below you can have a better feeling of how a Portfolio website looks like.

This Is why I'm Broke Website Screen Shot - Example of a Portfolio Website - What Kind Of Website Should I Make For Affiliate Marketing?

Sales Funnel

A Sales Funnel can be only one page or a sequence of pages designed to have its audience to click only in specific locations and take specific actions aiming the sale of a product or service in the end.

In the image below, is the first-ever sales funnel that I’ve created in my Website.

Britzzlink Sales Funnel - What kind of website should I make for affiliate marketing?

If you want to check the first sales funnel I’ve created, Click Here. There is still a lot of improvement to do in this sales funnel so I can improve my conversions, however, it is a good example of how even as a beginner you can create a good looking sales funnel and start promoting affiliate products or services.

If you want to learn how to build a sales funnel like this one, just leave a comment in the section below this post and I’ll create one as soon as I can to help you boos your sales.

Educational Website

If you have any skill that people are willing to pay for, it could be a great idea to create an Educational website where you can promote your own courses or even courses you sell as an affiliate.

Although I do not consider myself as a Guru, my Website “Britzzlink“, can be considered an Educational Website. Mainly because I teach other people what I’ve just learned about building an online business from scratch and how to run it based on my experiences. You can always learn new things from my blog posts and Youtube videos embedded in it.

Another great example of an educational website could be the school that I’ve studied German in Frankfurt “Berlitz” and they offer their courses, either presential or online as demonstrated below.

Berlitz site screenshot - education website example - What Kind Of Website Should I Make For Affiliate Marketing?

Although Berlitz does not work with affiliate marketing, this is just an education website so you can take as an example and create your using affiliate marketing concepts either to have affiliates selling your own course or to promote other people’s courses as an affiliate.

Product/Service Comparison

Products and services comparison could be similar to a Niche website, but instead of heaving only product reviews and other related niche topics, they focus only on comparing products so buyers that are undecided on which product to buy, find the best option and buys from their links.

One example of this type of website could be the “Nerd Wallet” where they compare different products like credit cards, banking products, and other financial products, like the image below.

In the post above, the website compare the best credit cards of 2020, and all of them have an affiliate link, that if a visitor clicks on it and get the credit card, they’ll get a commission.

Price Comparison

Price comparison websites are super famous because they usually give you the sense they are not biased because their service is completely free. But the real truth is that most of these websites earn commissions by pointing people to their partner’s website that has the lowest price on the product or service that you are looking for on this website.

One big player in this market is “Skyscanner“, which tracks the best flight rates for destinations and dates set by their visitors, as well as hotel and car rental prices, like the image below.

Skyscanner Screenshot - What kind of website should I make for affiliate marketing?

Skyscanner also has an affiliate program for people who wants to join and promote their services in exchange for a percentage of their commissions earned from their partners like airline companies and hotels for example.

Deals Website / Coupon Codes / Vouchers

Everyone loves coupons and vouchers to save some money while buys stuff online, right? What most people don’t know is that by using a coupon an affiliate is making a commission on your purchase.

You can find several websites like this online, and a good example of that would be “Groupon“, which is a well-known website that makes partnerships with local companies to promote their products or services with a discount for Groupon customers, and Groupon itself has an Affiliate Program, to have more people advertising this offers for them.

Groupon Screen Shot - What kind of website should I make for Affiliate Marketing?

Again, Groupon is a huge website, but you could start something smaller providing to your audience to the coupons and vouchers you have available for interesting products and services you’re an affiliate because you like and recommend them.

What kind of Website should I make for Affiliate Marketing?

As you saw, there are plenty of options to choose from and create your first Affiliate Marketing Website. It could be a bit overwhelming if you are still in the initial steps of this journey but as my favorite movie character says:

One step at a time,

one punch at a time,

one round at a time!

Rocky balboa

Find a Niche

First step of the way is to find the best niche for you to work with, one that combine a passion of your but is also a profitable niche to work with. If you still haven’t chosen a niche, read this post to help you choose the best niche for you to work with.

Find the Products and Services you want to promote

Now that you know what niche to work with, it is really important that you define ways to monetize your website, so you should probably create a list of products you like and recommend for your audience.

This is an important step of the process, so make sure you explore most of the Affiliate Marketing Networks and look up for all products that you see fit for your niche, and you would also love to promote for your audience.

Find the best type of content for your audience

After choosing your niche and the list of products and services you want to promote, you’ll have a better feeling of what type of content you’ll have to create to persuade your audience to click on your links and buy the product or service you’re promoting.

For example, if you’re making amazon product reviews, the best idea for you would be to have a Niche Website, so you can create several Blog posts around that niche to help you gain authority on this niche and subsequently organic traffic to help you on the sales.

If you don’t want to create reviews or specific content on a Blog format, you could create a product/service or price comparison website, so you can simply list one item and its main competitors and make a comparison on their features and could also include the price for each one.

Is Affiliate Marketing still profitable in 2020?

Yes, affiliate marketing is still profitable in 2020. Due to the Coronavirus situation and having everyone at home, the sales online skyrocketed, and if you are in affiliate marketing by this point you’re probably with a big smile on your face, if not, it is not too late to get started.

Some people say that affiliate marketing is finished because Amazon made a cut on some product commissions, however, you have to understand that with the volume of traffic and sales you can still make a good amount of money. Besides that, Amazon is not the only affiliate network out there, so you can diversify your portfolio by advertising products and services from other networks so you don’t feel too much the impact when something like that happens.

Is being an affiliate worth it?

If you’re looking for a way to make money online and create a passive income stream, Affiliate Marketing is the way to go! Don’t expect it to be easy or fast, because you’ll have a moderate or slow learning curve before you can start making money with this method, but once you learn it, you can work from anywhere and at your own pace and schedule.

Can you get rich with Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can make a lot of money with Affiliate Marketing, however, don’t expect that this will be a quick scheme of making money online, because working with Affiliate Marketing will require a lot of effort and time for you to start making money, but once you master how it works, you can make a lot of money with it, specially with digital products, where not only the commission rates are higher if you’re promoting someone else’s products and services, but also if you are selling your own digital product.

Post Cover Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash