Access your Business Email from a Gmail Account for Free

Why using Gmail to see your business email?

To set up and access your business email from a Gmail account is really simple, but why would you be interested in taking this extra steps to use it with Gmail instead of just using the webmail available where you created your business email?

In my opinion, Gmail has a really clean and easy platform for emails, and you can easily set it up in your smartphone as well, so you can access your business email from any place you like just with your smartphone. Besides that, if you hold more than one business email, you can set all of the emails you like to send and receive emails from one Gmail account only, and manage all of the business emails from one account only.

How to set up your business email in Gmail

To begin this process, you need to have a business email created already. If you do not have a business email, you can check Click Here and learn how to create one.

For this tutorial we are using Siteground as the platform we create and manage the business emails because that is my current web hosting company, however you can have the same results and access your business email from a Gmail account if you host your website or create your business emails in another platform.

The first step to set this up is to create a forward function on your business email, so every email you receive can be forwarded to your Gmail account. So after you’ve logged in to your Siteground account, you have to click in Websites and later in Site tools, as image below. In case you are doing this from another web hosting provider you’ll probably have to create this forward from the cPanel.

Access your Business Email from a Gmail Account - Siteground printscreen from how to get to forwarder screen

After entering the Site Tools, you’ll have to click on Email, and a drop down menu will show up, where you’ll have to click on Forwarders. After doing so, you just need to select the business email you want to create the forwarder, input your Gmail account where you want to receive the emails and click on Create, as demonstrated in the image below.

Access your Business Email from a Gmail Account - Siteground printscreen on how to create a forwarder to Gmail

After the forwarder has been created, the first step is finished, and you can already receive all your business emails from your Gmail account.

The second step is to access your Gmail account where we will set up and enable Gmail to send emails with your business email and domain extension. After login in to Gmail, you need to click on the right top corner on the gear icon for the settings, and again in the settings button in the drop down menu, like demonstrated below.

Gmail Settings screen shot

When you reach the settings screen in Gmail, you’ll need to click in the “Accounts and Import” button on the top of the page, and select Add another email address in the “Send mail as” section, as detailed below.

Gmail Settings to add another email account to send mail as

When you click in “Add another email address”, a pop up will show up so you can fill up the name you want to display when you send mail from this new email address, and also a field so you fill up with your business email details. Completing this fields you can click next, as image below.

Fill up new email to send mail as in Gmail settings screen shot

Once that step is done, you’ll then see the following screen, where you’ll have to fill up four fields, being 1. SMTP Server, 2. Port number, 3. Username and 4. Password. I’ll show you where you can get the SMTP Server and Port number in further on this post.

SMTP Server information from new email added in Gmail - Settings screen shot.

So where can you get the SMTP Server and the Port information to finish the set up and access your business email from a Gmail account? If you go back to your Siteground account, you’ll find under the “Emails” tab on the left sidebar a section for “Accounts”. You’ then select the account you want the information, click on the “3 dots” on the right side under Actions and select “Mail Configuration”, as demonstrated below.

Sitegroung Email account settings screen shot

You’ll then see a pop up with Mail configuration information you need to finish this process, so click under manual settings and you’ll be able to get the server name and Port, as demonstrated below.

Siteground Mail configuration Screen shot with Server and SMTP Port information

After you fill up that information in Google screen as demonstrated above, you can click in the “Add account” button and that is it. You then receive an email from Google with a code to confirm your email, and after clicking to confirm, your set up will be ready, and you can use and access your business email from a Gmail account.

Now that you’re all set and can easily access you business from your mobile device or any other media by using Gmail, you can send emails for your viewers of clients looking more professional. If you want to learn how to use an Email Marketing Platform and sen Email Marketing Campaigns Click Here and read our Tutorial on that topic.

Post Cover Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash