Drag and drop page builder for WordPress

A simple way to design a beautiful website

Ok, so you told us how to register a domain name, how to set up webhosting for your website, and how to create a business e-mail, but how can we start designing a good looking website without programming skills? The aswer for this question is called drag and drop page builder for WordPress, and in this post we’ll talk more about them and how to use it.

What is a drag and drop page builder?

Drag and drop page builder illustration

A drag and drop page builder is a plugin created to help users to better design their website without having to use programming skills like HTML or CSS. So if you do not have programming skills, this is the kind of tool you’ll use to make a website on your own and still make it look beautiful and professional.

What is the best drag and drop page builder for WordPress?

It is very difficult to name the best drag and drop plugin in the market, since all of them has a differencial to offer, but we have to agree that they’ll all make your life much easier when building your website.

During my journey building websites I’ve used 2 different plugins, Elementor and Brizy. The great news is that both have a free version, this means you can start learning and building with the free version and when you get the hang of it and need some more functionality, you can buy the Pro version.

Besides this two plugins, there are several other drag and drop builders for WordPress out there, and I’ll list some of them in here in case you want to take a look. Working with digital marketing allows you to try out and discover lots of different tools and plugins, specially if you’re building a WordPress website, and I strongly encourage you to do that.

Besides the two other plugins I have previously mentioned, I’ll list down below some other plugins that you might also want to take a look and give a try:

How to choose a drag and drop page builder?

As I mentioned before, I strongly recommend you try out some different plugins and see the one that you feel more comfortable using or the one who provides most of the features you’re looking for.

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a drag and drop builder, such as, pre-made blocks, pre-made pages, contact form and pop-up builder, integrations, and if it is user friendly. I’ll detailed this options a little bit more down below.

  • Pre-made blocks: This is a great resource to help you building a great looking website in no time, this is a great time saver and you can find this resource in some page builders out there, so take that into consideration.
  • Pre-made pages: This is a great way to build in a website super fast, so you might want to check that out and the styles they have available.
  • Contact form and pop-up builder: Some page builders offer you an easier way to build in nice looking forms, including integrations with email marketing providers such as Mailchimp and AWeber. This is a great tool considering that the free tools to build in forms are either not so user friendly or they do not offer free integrations, so you’ll have to spend extra money to have a fully funcional form in your website.
  • Integrations: Check out which integrations these drag and drop page builders offers. Integrations with email marketing companies or SEO plugins are really helpful and can save you time and money.
  • User friendliness: all of the drag and drop builders out there will make your life easier compared to regular HTML or CSS programming, however, comparing all of them, you’ll see that some are easier to use and demand a smaller learning curve because its intuitive, but the only way to find this out is giving them a try.

Personal experience

Drag and drop illustration representing personal experience.

As I told you in the beginning, I have already used Elementor and Brizy on the free version and liked both of them. Why have I migrated from Elementor to Brizy? I have migrated mainly for two reasons.

First because Elementor was the first drag and drop builder I used, although it was a great experience, I still wanted to try other page builders. Overall it was a great experience with Elementor, and I would buy the Pro version to see the complete functionality, maybe I’ll do that and review the plugin later on.

The second reason is because I currently work from a Microsoft Surface Go, so I can have a small device to carry around but that still operates as a PC. Since I’m using the Surface Go in S mode, I can not install Google Chrome, and Elementor does not run with the Edge browser. For this reason I gave a try in the Brizy plugin and found it to be really interesting.

Quick look at Brizy and how it works.

I still want to make a full review of both free and pro version of Brizy, to show all tools and functionalities available in this amazing plugin. For this post I just want you to see how a drag and drog plugin look like and a basic overview of how it can help you on this jouney.

When you intall a drag and drop plugin such as Brizy, it will be available to access it from both backend and frontend of your website, that mening you can access from your wordpress dashboard or straigh from the page you want to edit, after logged into wordpress of course.

The image below show how Brizy looks when you choose to edit any page using the drag and drop page builder.

Drag and drop builder - Brizy overview screen shot.

When you reach the page you want to edit, like the page above for example, it is very simple to edit and see the changes right away. So you can just click where you want to edit, change the text, color, font, alignment, insert links and many other options in easy steps. Our full tutorial will cover all the steps to create and edit a page.

If you want to edit elements to the page, you simply click on the left side in the + icon, select the element you want and drag it to the page in the position you want it to be. You can then edit the size, text and much more simply clicking in the section and even draging the section to other places within the page as you see fit. The image below demonstrates this process.

Drag and drop builder - Brizy overview 2 screen shot.

In the left side, you have also an option to choose the devide, so you can edit the page specifically for desktop, tablet or mobile devices. The image below shows how you can choose the device, and when you click, you’ll see exactly how the page will display in these devices.

Drag and drop builder - Brizy overview 3 screen shot.

There are also pre-made blocks and pages, that help you to speed up the process of creating a website, because you can select a pre-made block or page and just change images and text, but the layout will already be in place. The two images below shows how to add a new block.

Drag and drop builder - Brizy overview 4 screen shot.

After you click to add a new block, you’ll be presented with a screen full of layouts to choose from. Some layouts require the Pro version, but there are plenty of free options.

Besides the blocks, you can also choose pre-made pages, in the same way as blocks. The image below shows how the block section looks and on the top left side you have the pre-made pages under the “Layouts” tab.

Drag and drop builder - Brizy overview 5 screen shot.

In the future I’ll create a full review of Brizy Free and Pro, covering all functions of the builder. The main purpose of this post was to show how these drag and drop page builder plugins can make your life much easier when building a website without the need of coding in HTML or CSS.

Post Cover Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash